Disable comment for your video

Comments is a part of YouTube videos, sometimes comments can be encouraging but sometimes they can be rude and inappropriate. If you don't want to spend time moderating the comments on your videos, you can consider disabling comments all together for your videos. The instructions below will help you do that.

  1. Make sure you are signed in. Click on your profile picture at the top right.

  2. Click Creator Studio.

  3. Choose VIDEO MANGAER.

  4. Choose a video you want to disable comments of. Click Edit next to the video to access that video's settings.

  5. Click Advanced settings.

  6. Uncheck Allow comments in the Comments section to disable comments for that video.

  7. Save your settings by selecting Save changes, which can be found on the right, at both top and bottom.

Ultimately, you can also disable comments for all your future videos by going to CHANNEL > Upload default and uncheck Allow comments. Remember to save your changes.